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Alhambra High School - Directory

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Date Range
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Name Current NameLocation


Beaumont, Terry A. Corbin KY
Beaumont, Terry
Dorward, Gary
Kaplan, Leon
Mccallum, Mike
Rothenberg, Jill (Jill Cole) Fallbrook CA
Singer, Alan (Alan Braus) sherman oaks ca
Venturi, Rosemary (Rosemary Stocksdale)


Arnold, David
Gernandt, George Alta Loma Ca
Major, Valerie (Valerie simola)
Prince, Susie (Susie Carranza)


Clay, Jane (Jane Anderson) Alhmabra CA


Almanza, Rosa (Rosa Rosa Hart)
Belcamino, Donna (Donna Brown)
Coe, Robert Arcadia CA


Davidson, Lori (Lori Pierce)
Faber, Miriam (Miriam Pollacsek)
Masters (Kington), Kanta (Karen) (Kanta (Karen) Masters)


Cataldo, Ph.D., Don Sugarloaf CA
Fryslie, Clint
Holton, William (William tatman) snowflake az
Lobby, Laura AKA "Tufteach" (Laura AKA "Tufteach" Hamel)
Miller, Lawrence (Lawrence Miller) Chattanooga TN
Sherba, Carole (Carole Homar)


Black, Teresa (Teresa Shaw) Ca
Russell, Charlene (Charlene Root)
Widick, Lawrence (Lawrence Widick)
Yankovich, Wayne


Grant, Sharon
Lund, Ron Covina/Newport beach ca
Schramm/Evans, Joan (Joan Leggett)
Smith, Gordon Salida Ca
Sutherland, Stephen Newport Beach CA
Whiteman, Virginia (Ginny) (Virginia (Ginny) Weigand)


Balderrama, Esther (Esther Cisneros) Alhambra Ca
Balderrama, Esther (Esther Cisneros)
Brock, Ron Larkspur CA
Davis, Jack (Jack davis)
Elliott, Richard
MacDonald, Mary Lou (Mary Lou Hardy)
Mcphee, Mike San Gabriel ca
Pawlak, Audrey (Audrey Clasen) Avalon CA
Weitzman, Barbara (Barbara Clauson)
Weitzman, Barbara (Barbara Clauson) HI


Balderrama, Alexander
Balderrama, Alexander (Alexander balderrama)
Buys, Alex
Cannon, Jeannette (Jeannette van den Bosch)
Heredia, Bernice (Bernice Ortega)
Paton, Jan (Jan Carr)
Pentland, Gwynne (Gwynne Gwynne Allan) Hallett Cove, South Australia SA
Sansam, Lyn (Lyn Olson)
Schwanbeck, Steve Hillsboro OR

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