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Alhambra High School - Directory

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Directory Sorted by First Name

Date Range
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Name Current NameLocation


Dickson, Bruce
Dickson, Bruce
Dickson, Bruce
Mogabe, Robert
Muro, Raymond Tucson AZ


Calderon, Jaime (Jaime Calderon)
Dominquez, George (George Dominquez) monterey cA
Gordon, Ken Alhambra CA
La Salle, Jonathan Marlboro Ma
Sandoval, George OR


Estrada, Lisa (Lisa Grove) Riverside Ca
Gomez, Victor
Huynh, Co (Co huynh) gainesviile ga
Leiva, Arleen (Arleen leiva)
Messina, David (David Messina)
Moore, Karen (Karen Chamberlain)
Thorpe, Brenda (Brenda verdugo)
Zelien, Doug


Fernandez, Melina (Melina Byrne)
Gallagher, Michael , Raymond Glendale Ca
Gallagher, Michael glendale ca
Ramirez, Lorraine
Tao, Evelyn (Minh) (Evelyn (Minh) Zublin)


Burry, Marnie (Marnie Marinussen)
Marez, Michelle (Michelle Diaz)
Perry, Brent
Rojas, Ruben (Ruben Rojas)
Saavedra, Elizabeth (Elizabeth de la Rosa)


Andrade, Eva (Eva Andrade-smith)
Seyedzadeh, Maryam (Maryam seyedzadeh)
Vance, Greg Prague ok
Yoon, Jeongil Joshua (Jeongil Joshua Yoon)
Zamora, Lisa (Lisa Joscelyn) San Pedro Ca


Marasco, Michelle (Shelly) CA


Avila, Lisa (Lisa muniz)
Yee, Daisy


Kohlman, Melissa (Melissa Chew)
Yamashiro, Anthony


Beetz, Troy (Troy beetz)
Coon, Steven Chico ca
Henderson, Denice (Denice Meadors)
Watson, Roy (Roy Watson)

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